Colorado Medical Assistant Salary

Some of the quickest growing professions are in the medical field. Many people are beginning to take advantage of the training that is available and are starting exciting careers in this field. Careers as medical assistants are booming in states like Colorado, where hundreds of people are taking advantage of this opportunity to work in the medical field.  As more people retire, the demand for medical professionals will continue to grow. Colorado is a state where many people go to enjoy their retirement years. This is where medical assistants are going to be in high-demand in the near future. Medical assistants in this state can expect to earn between $38,000 and $41,000 a year.

Living in Colorado is very affordable on this kind of salary. Colorado, as a whole, runs about average with the rest of the United States in the cost of living.  This means a salary near $40,000 is very favorable when compared to the amount of training required to become a medical assistant.  For those who wish to increase their medical assistant salary in Colorado, different areas provide different salaries. The highest pay rates go to those who live outside of metropolitan areas. One of the highest paid areas in the country is north central Colorado where medical assistants earn an average wage of $41,050 a year. One of the other highest paid areas is also in Colorado. Medical assistants who live in central Colorado earn an average wage of $38,770 a year. Both of these are near the top of the pay-scale when it comes to medical assistants working in non-metropolitan areas.

The outlook for anyone entering the medical field is very favorable. As the population grows older there will be a large demand for trained professionals to take care of this segment of society. Not only is the growth rate for this occupation higher than the average, but the salary is very fair when compared to other occupations. People who decide to get into this field will not only be doing themselves a favor, but society as a whole.

colorado medical assistant salary


colorado medical assistant salary

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