Kentucky Medical Assistant Salary

The medical field is full of opportunities; it’s constantly growing and will always be needed. In today’s economy, many jobs are being eliminated. If you are looking for a steady job that will always be in demand, consider becoming a medical assistant.  You will perform both clinical and administrative duties. This career allows you to work alongside doctors and nurses. A medical assisting program is great for those who are motivated and have a desire to help people.

Salaries for medical assistants vary by state. The average medical assistant salary in Kentucky is $27,000. Although this is 9% lower than the nationwide average, it is still considered competitive pay. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average wage of a medical assistant is approximately $28,860. When comparing these statistics, remember that the cost of living is not taken into account. Kentucky pays lower than some states, but the cost of living is not as high. If the cost of living increases, then you’re likely to earn a raise.  Keep in mind that $27,000 is only the average medical assistant salary in Kentucky. Some people earn far more than the average.

There are certain factors that are not taken into account. For instance, experience is not factored into the equation. More experience leads to higher pay. The type of institution that you work for will also affect your salary. Psychiatric wards and drug rehabilitation centers tend to pay more than traditional hospitals.  The area in which you work may also affect your salary. People who work in a metropolitan area usually earn more than those who are in a suburban area. In order to increase your paycheck, consider working for a large hospital instead of a small family practice. Another way to increase your salary is to work less desirable shifts. For example, you can sign up to work nights and weekends. If you don’t have plans, you can also earn additional pay by working on a holiday. Most facilities offer incentives or bonus pay for those who are willing to cover a holiday shift.

Do you like going to school? If you do, there is a chance that you can increase your salary. Medical assistants who earn additional certifications are better candidates. An extra license or certification will make you more marketable. Most of these certifications only require a small amount of schooling. This investment can cause a significant boost in your salary.
kentucky medical assistant salary

kentucky medical assistant salary

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