Medical assistants are found in doctor’s offices, hospitals and health care centers. It’s the medical assistant that takes your blood pressure, weight and temperature. Medical assistants play an important part in keeping the medical office and health care centers running smoothly. They are in demand in many parts of the country. This demand will only increase as baby boomers age and need health care services.

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Louisiana Medical Assistant Training and Curriculum

Medical assistant schools in Louisiana offers training that will prepare you for this exciting career. You will learn how to take a patient’s vitals, blood pressure and medical history. Medical assistants may also assist the doctor or nurse with tasks such as EKG monitoring, simple health care procedures and drawing blood for lab testing. Most health care centers offer outstanding medical insurance benefits and good salaries. Medical assistants salary in Louisiana.

Medical assistant training will also include learning how to keep medical records, laboratory procedures and clinical procedures. You will also learn about medical office management procedures. Medical assistant schools in Louisiana will train you on the proper disposal of contaminated supplies. You will also learn how to properly sterilize instruments. Medical assistant training can be completed within one year. This is a great way to enter the growing health care field where jobs are plentiful.

Medical assistants who work in doctor’s offices prepare patient rooms for examination. They may collect blood and tissue samples as requested by the doctor or nurse. You will learn many fundamental procedures such as proper hand washing and learning how to practice standard precautions in a health care environment. You will learn how to communicate with a variety of patients.

A career in the health care field is a rewarding job. Helping patients, doctors and nurses can bring a sense of self-confidence in a job well done. Medical assistance are a vital part of a health care team. You can further your career by receiving certification from the American Association of Medical Assistants. Obtaining this certification can give you future career growth. A Certified Medical Assistant is also known as a CMA. Many hospitals around the country prefer hiring certified medical assistants. Once you complete your initial medical assisting training, you can focus on obtaining your CMA. While training to achieve your CMA, you will learn how to obtain urinalysis, chemistry and immunology testing. A career in the health care field as a medical assistant is a challenging yet rewarding career where you have a lot of responsibility.

Louisiana Healthcare Organizations:

Medical Assistant Society of Louisiana: Louisiana does not currently have a state society or local chapters affiliated with the AAMA.
Louisiana Hospital Association:
Metropolitan Hospital Council of New Orleans:

Featured Medical Assistant Schools in LA

Medical Assistant Programs in Louisiana

Bossier Parish Community College
Locations: Bossier City, LA
Outcome: Associate Degree
Accreditation: CAAHEP

Career Technical College
Locations: Monroe, LA / Shreveport, LA
Outcome: Associate Degree
Accreditation: CAAHEP

Herzing University
Locations: Kenner, LA
Outcome: Associate Degree, Diploma
Accreditation: ABHES

MedVance Institute
Locations: Baton Rouge, LA
Outcome: Diploma
Accreditation: ABHES

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