Searching for medical assisting schools by state will help you narrow down the schools close to you. Learn about what the medical assistant programs and professions are like in your state and request information from all the schools that are nearby and appeal to you. Make sure to check on the information about becoming a CMA (Certified Medical Assistant). CMAs require training from a medical assistant school and the passing of a certification test afterwards.  There are multiple certifications you can obtain. Research and get the one that will be best for your future.

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Some of the key things to remember when talking to schools:

  1. Start Dates: Each school with have different start dates and lengths for different program types. Make very clear which program you are interested in so you have accurate dates to compare.
  2. Class Times: Many schools have separate classes and programs for daytime and nighttime. Gather all the information for the session  you prefer so you have the correct time for your classes.
  3. Cost: Each school and each program will vary in the cost of the training. This is a key factor when you do your comparisons.

Each school varies in almost every aspect. Make sure you are collecting all of the information you need from each school you are interested in.

If you see any errors or school/program omissions in these listings, please feel free to email us. Thanks!