The medical assistant plays a major role in daily operations of any medical office. The job description may vary, but it typically consists of medical and administrative duties combined together. Medical assistant schools in Vermont provide extensive programs to prepare the future employees for a variety of duties and successful careers in the field of healthcare.

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Vermont Medical Assisting Education

All graduating students of medical assistant schools in Vermont are required to complete administrative medical assisting internship and clinical medical assisting internship in addition to the regular curriculum which consists of the following. Make sure to check out some of the online programs for medical assisting training as Vermont doesn’t have any schools actually located in the state. Typical curriculum will include courses in clinical procedures, vital signs, pathology, physiology and anatomy, medical laws, infection Control, basic nutrition, front desk operations, electronic data transfer, medical terminology, billing and insurance coding, professional development, and human relations.

Although the program may seem compelling, the majority of students complete the curriculum successfully with high grade averages and are able to obtain immediate employment within the private sector of healthcare physicians as well as hospitals, community health centers and ambulatory care facilities. Medical assistants have many opportunities to quickly advance their careers.

A High School diploma is required to enter any of the medical assisting programs around the United States. Upon completion of the course, many graduates obtain part-time positions to acquire much sought-after experience to advance their occupation to a higher level. Many medical assisting schools offer job assistance upon graduation. Medical assistants, who find employment within respiratory therapy settings, are responsible for teaching patients about the use of equipment at home and scheduling regular visits to monitor the patient’s progress.

The medical assistants, who prefer to exercise their talents within the administrative field of healthcare, are often assigned to be in charge of medical archives and medical record keeping. The position does not require any clinical duties to be performed and is focused on following the terms and conditions of the industry. The diversified work load often leads to promotions such as office management or insurance comptroller.

Vermont Healthcare Organizations:

Medical Assistant Society of Vermont: Vermont does not currently have a state society or local chapters affiliated with the AAMA.
Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems:

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